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The Inspiration Behind Kamoke Publishing

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Meet Okelani:

Okelani Desiree Young is the main character in the "Okelani's Enchanted Wheelchair" series and the "Oke" in Kamoke.
She is 15 years old now, but started and continues to be 11 in the series.
She has multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, and cortical visual impairment etc... She needs a trach to help her breathe and needs a g-tube to eat and drink.
Despite all the challenges, hospitalizations, and major surgeries she has had, Okelani is a sweet and happy girl. She enjoys playing with her sister, going places, reading, music, movies, and spa days.
Okelani is strong and determined, and does not let her disabilities define her!

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Meet Kamea:

Kamea Lexa Young is Okelani's little sister and the "Kam" in Kamoke. She is 10 years old and is an aspiring artist and author.
She is going to write and illustrate her own book soon.
Some of her art is displayed in the books. She drew the pictures that are hanging up on the wall in Okelani's bedroom. She is the best little sister and her mom's biggest helper.
She enjoys playing with her sister, learning, reading, going places, music, drawing, and gymnastics. Kamea is so smart, talented, and compassionate. She is going to do amazing things in the world!

The Inspiration: About
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